Fast-tracked vetting needed for offers of accommodation for Ukrainians

  • Clare landlord exposed as exploiting Ukrainians
  • Undermines good intentions of vast majority


Fianna Fáil TD for Clare Cathal Crowe has slammed a Clare landlord, who has reportedly offered accommodation to Ukrainian women in a sex-for-rent arrangement.

According to today’s Irish Examiner, the anonymous landlord has offered a room in his home to a “slim Ukrainian woman” with the expectation of sex in return.

It goes on to say that he requires a photo of the woman in advance before he will reveal the location of his home.

“This is disgusting, abhorrent and pathetic in every way possible,” said Deputy Crowe.

“It’s beyond belief that somebody would use such a devastating situation to exploit a person forced to flee their home country and arrive into the unknown.

“Unfortunately, the sex industry has always exploited vulnerable women and children and seized on opportunities like war, persecution and famine to enslave them.

“The disgusting individual referenced in this story thankfully is unrepresentative of the incredible generosity, solidarity and spirit of care that most Clare, and Irish people overall, are instinctively showing.

“I have written to Justice Minister Helen McEntee asking that her department look at a fast-track vetting regime for offers of accommodation.

“It’s desperately sad that this request is needed but sadly, there are people out there like this man who will take advantage at any given opportunity.

“You can be sure that the vast, vast majority of offers are genuine and instinctively caring but we, nonetheless, need to have stringent oversight to ensure that people fleeing here from war-torn Ukraine are being safely and appropriately accommodated.

“I believe this matter is of extreme urgency so that the genuine people out there who want to help can do so and more importantly, so that the Ukrainians arriving into our country at their most desperate hour of need experience our world-famous thousand welcomes – and don’t get met by pathetic individuals like this man.”