Increased Ryanair flights and addressing aviation tax key for Shannon

  • Ryanair has briefed Oireachtas members on future plans
  • New routes for Shannon must be considered


Fianna Fáil TD for Clare Cathal Crowe has raised the importance of new routes from Shannon Airport, as well as aviation tax, with Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary.

Ryanair held a briefing at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin this morning, highlighting the contributions the airline has made to the Irish economy since 1985, as well as its commitment investment and growth of operations in Ireland.

Deputy Crowe has insisted that Shannon Airport form a key part of those plans.

“Today’s briefing was a key opportunity to raise the case for increased investment from Ryanair in Shannon Airport,” said Deputy Crowe.

“Already, we’ve seen confirmation that they will formally open their new hangar in Shannon in November, bringing a €10 million investment and 200 highly skilled jobs.

“Now, the focus must be on new routes and increasing their presence in Shannon, for the benefit of the entire Midwest region.

“I spoke with Mr O’Leary about the possibility of adding additional routes from Shannon Airport and also the possibility of basing a third aircraft there.

“Currently, Ryanair has two Boeing 737 aircraft based in Shannon and I am hoping we’ll have some good news on these fronts in 2023.

“I also hope that the Irish government can address aviation environmental taxes, in conjunction with other European governments

“At the moment, airlines like Ryanair are penalised for their short-haul flights, with passengers arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol each paying €20 – but transit flights and long-haul flights from the same airports are not subject to the same charge.

“The Ryanair model of flying is low-cost based and in order to see it continue successfully we need to ensure that the taxation regime also promotes people to fly in and out of Ireland with relative ease and at low cost.

“Shannon Airport is still in recovery mode, but expectations are high for 2023 and I hope that Ryanair, Aer Lingus and the other airlines that fly to and from Shannon remain fully committed and look at expanding their presence at Shannon.”