Pyrite remedial scheme for Clare homeowners must be urgently developed

  • Scheme in place for Mayo and Donegal
  • Homeowners mounting demonstrations


Fianna Fáil TD for Clare Cathal Crowe says it is of the utmost importance that a remedial scheme for homeowners in this county impacted by pyrite and mica defective block issues be developed in as short a possible timeframe.

A demonstration is taking place in Ennis this afternoon, organised by homeowners across Clare who are calling for swift action to be taken to address the defective blockwork in their houses, causing significant issues to the structural integrity of their homes.

Nationally, a larger demonstration is planned for Dublin tomorrow also.

“Due to my commitment to attend my West Clare clinics today, I was unable to attend the rally organised by homeowners in Ennis this afternoon,” said Deputy Crowe.

“I have, however, arranged to meet them when they attend a rally in Dublin tomorrow.

“I’ve been speaking with Minister Darragh O’Brien on a number of occasions about the need to advance a pyrite and defective block remediation scheme for Co. Clare.

“There is already a scheme operational in Donegal and Mayo and whilst these schemes may, in part, form a template for a scheme in Clare, we need to also look at some of the shortcomings that people in these counties have identified.

“In Mayo and Donegal, it looks as if 40% of the homes that have pyrite blocks in them may need to be demolished.

“Some say this is even a conservative estimate and that many more in fact will need to be levelled also.

“Homeowners have an option of replacing the external and internal blockwork of the house and there’s also a full demolition option but in Donegal and Mayo, homeowners have identified other areas in which they have incurred costs, such as replacing windows and kitchens that fall beyond the remit of the grant scheme

“Form a Clare perspective, it’s essential we that we get a scheme underway in the quickest possible time.

“I have been to visit several of the effected homes, and I have seen first-hand gaps in blockwork that I was able to fit my hand through.

“Some of the buildings I have seen look to be very structurally unsound and every year of a delay, results in a further decay of the blockwork putting the families living in these homes at risk.

“Minister O’Brien has met with homeowners from Donegal and Mayo in recent weeks and I’m now in the process of trying to set up a meeting between him and the Clare Pyrite Group.

“I also suspect that there is a public building in our county that also has defective blocks within its structure and I am urging the council to immediately undertake testing to verify this.

“For anybody who has experienced the trauma of discovering that their home, which they have decades of mortgage repayments ahead of them for, is crumbling around them, this cannot be allowed to continue.”